Sienna Miller's Little Black Dress

Yay!  Sienna Miller has got her fashion mojo back *round of applause* for the International Medical Awards in America.  I'm a big fan of the girl, but there is only so many occasions one can wear your own brand or jeans to a dinner party...  So a massive woop for her and her pretty little black dress, hair in a bun and heels - doesn't hurt does it?  Well, if I was in those shoes it probably would...  Very classic, very chic, very jealous...  Plus, a little bit of Sienna perving never hurts anyone, ask Jude Law...

Smug? Me? Well yeah, I look amazing

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eye_spy said...

what a gorgeous dress!
now a follower of your lovely blog :)

follow back? eye_spy

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see Sienna has her fashion mojo back indeed. I much prefer her classic looks to her boho styles. Lovely hair too...

black tutu said...

Gorgeous! she is so beautiful! I love her dress!

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