Geraldine Saglio can we have your wardrobe?

Not very often that I get 'fashion week street style' envy - but then I saw these pictures on le fashion and nearly died with envy.  Geraldine Saglio, a French Vogue girl - she was most recently an assistant to Emmauelle Alt.  Her style is so simple and so perfect, completely French and completely what I want to look like.  The sort of 'I have good basics and have my hair blow dried daily' look.  Yes please.  Ergh - not sure whether to scoul or drool when I look at her outfits.  Serious envy.

Love the white jeans and blazers - mixed up with various neutral coloured tops and tanks.  It is so simple yet so expensive looking.  Jealous doesn't even begin to cut it... (and she's got the designer courts we found the high street versions of at River Island. so at least you can walk like her...)

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Unknown said...

I love this girl too! The funny thing is that we were in the same school when I was a child: she was 2 classes above but I perfectly remember her already having this great style! Hayley xxx

HazelxJoy said...

ooooh I see what you mean! Gorgeous

Unknown said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) I'm following yours!

Jen Umm said...

love her style!!
great post!

Unknown said...

I love her simple style. Just like all the big French editors!! SImple & elegant.

xx S

Le Fanciulle

Geri Looker said...

Understated style. So chique and effortless looking. Very green with envy!

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