High Street: River Island Shirt

River Island are a brand that have really turned it around.  When I was younger it was the shop everyone went to to cover themselves in lycra - now, it's a very different story.  Here is a fantastic work blouse for a bargain £30.  

Lovely to see this company not follow the trend and charge above average - there was a very interesting article on the Daily Mail site today about the high street charging fortunes for concept pieces within their collections (read it here) - makes me so angry when they do this, as the whole point of the high street is accessible fashion.  Anyway... back to the shirt - it reminds me of the shirt Kate Middleton wore in her engagement photos (here) but is about £100 cheaper.  Lovely.

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Unknown said...

love it thanks so much for sharing this I will have to run to river island before is too late kisses

T-Shirt and Tails said...

What a great shirt for work, I may have to pop in on my way home. Love the British high street - best in the world!

Anonymous said...

I still own a fabulous River Island blazer that I bought for a job interview way back.... the brand does seem to be changing, it was all a bit hit and miss when I visited back in the UK, but I would always return, because of my wonderful blazer. This is a perfect blouse for work, I agree.


Daisy said...

Oh my, this shirt is exactly what I am looking for !!

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