Elle Macpherson's Silver Jeans

Loved this picture ever since it came up on Grazia Daily the other week.  What is brilliant about this is she was genuinely doing the school run looking like this.  Yes really mothers, this happens.  I bet she has made many a friend with the parents in the playground - not.  Love the studded YSL heels too, I have the high street equivalent from Zara which I love equally as much - I bought them over the summer - not sure if they are still available but if you can find them I really recommend them as very comfy pumps.  

It's been a while since I've given Topshop some blog-loving and I thought I would share these amazing jeans with you - as they are fabulous and look just as good as Elle's far more expensive Seven pair.  These have a blue tint which makes them a bit different too - and for £100, their quality is exceptional.  Very comfortable too - they are the Baxter fit.  I have them in black, blue, red, green and white so needless to say I am a fan...

South Molton St Style


Style Servings said...

Love this look and love the Topshop version, such a cool shade!

Anonymous said...

thanks for follwing!
following you back :)

Everyday Dress Up said...

i dont think i could rock those.

they are shiny. love your site!


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