Camilla Belle's Miu Miu Banana Heels

It took me a while to gather my thoughts on these shoes. At first I thought they were absolutely vile, then Camilla Belle wore them to a dinner party and I turned into a celebrity-style-whore - and love them just because she wore them... I know, it's poor form.  I am weak.  She's just so damn pretty.  Anyway it made me realise that they really are a little bit of fun, in what is a fairly tame shoe season. So the hunt begins for a high street pair, as the $650 price tag ain't happening...

Now, very hard to find a shoe with the exact same heel - but this pair from River Island are close.  The gold looks good in person/reality too.  Sometimes gold can be a little in your face and a little cheap, but these are great.  Gold is also a lot warmer for winter. And they're not $650, they're £45. Hello bargain, nice to see you again. Really do harp on about River Island shoes; they're so, so comfortable!  Buy them here.

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Unknown said...

oh i love those silver sparkly shoes!!!! i have been eyeing a pair of flats like those

pretty affairs said...

this girl always looks amazing!!

Chronicles of the Fashion Cupboard said...

Love that outfit so inspirational

great post!


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