Olivia Palermo in Mulberry SS12

Gah this girl is so frigging irritating in every way possible.  Mainly because she always looks so awesome, like here at the Mulberry SS12 show last week.  This annoys me.  How perfect does she look?  And so simple.  Jeans, top and heels.  I mean, the top is Mulberry (as are the shoes and bag) and the jeans are from Hudson, so she's got a slight head start from the word go.  But still, how awesome.  Perfect example of a classic look working, way above the people draped in the latest gear.

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Verena Hafner - musings of a fashion stylist said...

Olivia is my guilt pleasure! There is nothing original about loving her style but I do :-)


Noelani said...

Olivia is a love hate relationship for me too! I love what she does and hate that can't do it better:) She always hits a home run.

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