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Apologies for being a bit low on the blogging but I have been a very busy bee whilst on gardening leave - amazing how the time flies.  Yesterday I met my sister (who has The Hart Blog, check it out) for lunch and we were both saying how the high street is proving a little uninspiring at the moment, and we find ourselves longing for the designer stuff we've spent the last few weeks viewing at the fashion shows.

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My little designer crush has been on Celine AW11 since their Paris show in February - I've been routing around the high street trying to find similar pieces - I love the colour mix ups: the cream, forest greens, aubergines and monochrome.  Sharp cuts and structure combined with relaxed oversize shirts with soft bias lines and palazzo pants.  Easy peasy style...

And I love the envelope cuts and texture varieties - this look is perfect for someone who is a little bit stuck in monochrome (moi) as you can add your white shirts and black trousers in with the look. (also notice the red soles on the shoes, poor Louboutin losing their trademark after the court case...).  So the quest began for a way to look all French and Celine-y.  Zara solved my problems.

This top for me is perfect - the camel colour is far more cream in reality.  The colour blocking is completely right for this look and the neckline is borderline daring (works fine with a normal bra).  The cut looks fantastic and very expensive, much more than it's £29.99 price tag (buy it here).  Now for the bottom half - thinking we need to inject some aubergine as it's the one colour that's missing.

Two options: for total Celine I'd probably go for the first as palazzo pants were all the way through their collections.  Palazzo pants are great for taller girls and also hide a multitude of sins.  Buy these ones for £39.99 here.  However, being only 5 foot 4 they don't really work for me, I prefer the second choice: the ciagrette pants as they have a stronger, tailored look and you can show off your shoes more (plus hiding your feet when you're short is a total no no).  Buy them here for £35.99.

Last but not least, I think we need some white to brighten up the look - in the form of a jacket.  Oversize but well shaped, this one above if perfect.  Overall, I think this coins the Celine look perfectly - very chic and very French.  I bought the top and have the coat on my birthday list... Here's hoping!

Finally, please check out our new sister site South Molton St Starving - we've just added our fool proof cheesecake recipe... go get it!

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