[Craving] Oasis Satin Minimal Dress

Oooooh, have just been in Oasis's new Argyll Street store in London and my goodness is it good.  Everything from the layout to the staff make you want to relax and spend time browsing - which is exactly what I did.  I used to struggle with the brand as I never really found anything massively on trend there - but my god has that changed!  I'm looking for a dress for my birthday dinner next week, and found this - what do you think?

At £60 I think it's very reasonable - the quality is great and fits me really well (the puffed skirt hiding many a sin/jaffa cake).  Royal blue... this colour has been coined this year by a certain Kate - and this dress shows us why - beautiful.  I was thinking of teaming it up with my leopard print belt and some patent heels, shall I buy it?

Finally, please check out our new sister site South Molton St Starving - we've just added our fool proof cheesecake recipe... go get it!

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Verena Hafner - musings of a fashion stylist said...

Love the dress! Agree, it's perfect for a birthday dinner.


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