High Street: ASOS Metallic Knit Jumper

Firstly, hello everyone - welcome to October!  How brilliant is the sun?!  Now, despite the sunshine I am convinced that we are about to experience a crazy cold snap - so am writing about jumpers... FYI.  Secondly, are any of you lovely people on bloglovin?  If so, could you follow me? (message me your blog name and I'll follow you too) - if I can get 50 then I can do another giveaway, the brand says I'm too little at the moment.  Click here to follow me :)

Metallics were all over the catwalks in all of the fashion capitals, so we're trying to find the easiest pieces for us to buy without having to go crazy and spend loads on what will definitely be a phase.  I can vividly remember taking the mick out of my mum when I was about 10, for buying gold shoes.  I now have 4 pairs, and none of them are as nice as her ones.  Times change - which is exactly why we shouldn't invest in metallics if we can possibly avoid it... Any way, one nice piece I've noticed is this jumper from ASOS which is lovely mix of the trend and normal, casual weekendwear.  Pair it with some smart cigarette trousers for the office, or with some jeans at the weekend - love it.  Buy it here for £38 quid.

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