[Trend] Christian Louboutin Lion Paw Shoes

So, what do we think of this?  I have longed for a pair of Louboutin, in fact there have been many a desperate moment where I have nearly spray painted the bottom of my Russell and Bromleys.  They're classic and fantastic and every girl worth her weight in Vogues deserves a pair.  A few friends have them, and through gritted teeth I have said 'Oh, you lucky thing' - secretly reliving a moment in American Psycho in my head.  One friend made it worse... she was given a pair.  I nearly died.

It's a rare moment when I see a pair of CL heels that I don't instantly fall in love - so this is a first.  What do we think of Sarah Jessica Parker's shoes?  The toes are made into a lion's paw and I can't figure out how I feel about it.  Thought I'd ask around to help me make my mind up.  They certainly add some fieriness to her look - red dresses are all over the place so this added styling makes her stand out.  But not sure if I like it... What do you think?

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Geraldine Looker said...

I have 1 pair, maybe some day I can add to my collection. At present I am in handbag and hat mode!

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