Milan Fashion Week, Look 2 - Flamboyant Footwear

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The shoes from the Milan collections are not for the faint hearted.  Basically, invest in some Scholl stuff - creams, rubs, soothers - or do want my first ever boss did and rub ibuprofen gel into your feet before you put on your heels.  I wish I was kidding - it made my office smell like a sports' changing room - and her hands were always sticky.  She looked awesome though...

Clockwise from top left: perspex mega-heels at glamorous Versace (so high infact that they caused seasoned model Lindsey Wixson to take a topple!), Cadillac inspired wedges at Prada, silk florals at D&G and minimalist chic at Emporio Armani. Missoni went for extravagant florals while Bottega Veneta opted for neutral slingbacks.

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