Duchess of Cambridge's TopShop spree..

We don't mean to brag, but does the Duchess of Cambridge maybe possibly read South Molton St Style?  Just days after we posted about this gorgeous cobalt blue Topshop jacket with velvet suit, but is Kate spotted in the Topshop in High Street Kensington (moments from her new home at Kensington Palace) buying the jacket.  Here is our initial post as proof, and here is the Daily Mail article to prove it.  Well, if it's in the Mail it must be true...  She also bought this lovely pencil skirt...

Cobalt jacket here                                          Spotted Pencil Skirt here

Apparently she fitted in like anyone else, and it was only when the manager announced he had just served the future Queen on the loudspeaker that many people noticed.  This is what we love about Kate, she does a brilliant impression of being just like us.   She should have told me she liked that jacket, I'd have loaned it to her and borrowed one of her McQueens in return.

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Hallie said...

Brag, girl. BRAG! ;)

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