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Please forgive me for the lack in posts yesterday, but I have a new hobby - my puppy named Lopez.  He's a Maltese Terrier, 9 weeks old - and he likes staying up till 3am and cr*pping on the floor.  Aside from that he's perfect and as I spent the last few nights rushing around him, I haven't managed to write anything. 

What a rubbish weekend not to either, in the lead up to NYC fashion week.  I was hoping to get over there, as my boyfriend is there with work at the moment, but what with Lopez and the fact flights are insanely expensive (due to the fashion week, US Open and UN conference combo) I'm here in London town.

Which meant I sadly missed the Mulberry store opening in Soho, a first for downtown New York.  And you can always trust Creative Director Emma Hill to rustle up something fabulous in honour of such an event.  She hasn't let us down.  The 'Clipper' bag has been released in US/Brit colours - red, white and blue - with the tag 'peace, love and New York.'  Fab.  Here are some pictures courtesy of Stylelist (thank you!).

Hill also introduced a limited edition New York Alexa handbag, for a cool £1,000.  Love the little apples all over it, although it does look like something Steve Jobs' wife should be carrying rather than Ms Chung & co.  The clippers will retail at a cheaper $950/£595.

And little geeky fact (shared on our Twitter last night), Mulberry is doing so well as a brand, that if in 2007 (when Emma Hill joined) you had invested £500 in the company, you would now have £3,500.  Which makes me feel a little miserable, as I have spent over that on bags in the last four years - and with 3 years' more understanding of my style, I'd make much better choices now...

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Anonymous said...

I was sad not to catch up with you here in New York for fashion week. Maybe next time :-)


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