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Be prepared to get inundated with 'when I was on holiday I saw,' comments - I made many a discovery whilst away.  More in Miami than Colombia, though Cartagena in particular is an incredibly stylish place.  I spent the first few days just eyeing up the beach wear around the pool at the Delano (amazing) and then hit Collins Avenue for some shopping. 

Heat got the better of me and I only managed half an hour, but in that time I walked in Club Monaco with the boyfriend - and am very glad I did.  I'd read about this US brand before - Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Reece Witherspoon all have lots of it for weekend wear and urban-casual cool.  Their stuff is not cheap, but it is timeless - their colour palettes are quite safe meaning they can be great staples that can you can get lots of wear out of, season after season.

Think Banana Republic come Whistles, Club Monaco is a lifestyle clothing brand with a real 'all American' flair - probably as they are owned by Ralph Lauren!  They are currently stocked at Browns in London, but are opening lots of their own stores in Europe over the next year.  Menswear was equally good, if your man is the type who lives in a white shirt and jeans then I guarantee you'll find him something good.
Womenswear wise, its perfect for South Molton St Style fans as it seems to be all about adding to a capsule wardrobe - often adding texture rather than colour which is definitely up my street.  Take this skirt, looks great with the Breton top we all already have and adds a certain va va voom and a nice alternative to the obvious jeans or crew trousers.

I managed to refrain from buying something, even though my boyfriend went on a bit of a spree and bought a few shirts and a pair of brilliant red chinos.  Check out the rest of their stuff (if you are in the UK) at Browns, or for anyone else in the world go to Club Monaco.  Keep an eye out for a lace skirt and a lovely white blazer...

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