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Everyone goes crazy for Kate Middleton, but my favourite member of the royal family has always been Zara Phillips.  She is actually very normal, far more so than 'rags to riches' Kate.  She doesn't have a royal title (her parents, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips) decided against it when she was born, she has a normal job, and now she's married one of the nicest guys in British sport, Mike Tindall.  She's famous for the tongue stud and the short skirts, but on her wedding day she echoed British tradition in her low key Edinburgh wedding - wearing unsung hero/designer Stewart Parvin.

Also, think it is really worth giving Princess Beatrice a nod of credit following her last disaster at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding (who can forget that hat).  She looked gorgeous in a lovely blue Angela Kelly outfit.  That new stylist has paid off.  Well done love you look great.  Oh and we counted 35 pairs of LK Bennett nude pumps (like the ones Beatrice and Kate live in) - these shoes are fast overtaking the Louboutins of this world...

We'd also much prefered to have been on the guest list to this royal wedding - with everyone from Jonny Wilkinson to The Saturdays being invited...

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Anonymous said...

I really liked her wedding dress - she looked a very happy bride...

Abigail's Place said...

Se did lovely, very classy.
An Beatrice was much improved, although was not a fan of what Una from The Saturday's was wearing.

Great blog.

Abigail x

Ronn said...

I loved the abundance of nude shoes,
and the choice of LK Bennett over louboutins i believe proved the difference between those with class [royalty and their friends] and those who merely have money but no sense [victoria beckham in her louboutins]!

Sheela said...

soo now i am one of u followers:)
hope to hear from u soon!


Emma Litton said...

Oh I love her wedding dress, so dreamy.


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