Icon: Grace Kelly in Christian Dior Swimwear

I'm on a rather depressing quest to find a bikini at the moment.  I'm going to Miami, and as much as I was absolutely delighted at the idea, when my boyfriend first suggested it I'd be lying if there wasn't a rather large voice in my head going 'stop eating, start running to work and breathe in on the beach.'  Miami, the city of sexiness - where all women (except for that large, rowdy one in the MTV show) are stunning.  And then there is little me.  So, I decided to go for a look where curves are appreciated.  The classics - Monroes, Kellys, Kennedys - and I spied upon this shot of Miss Kelly herself:

So, I'm got on a quest for a plain white bikini - and remembered my friend from the US swearing by J Crew swimwear.  I popped on the site and straight away found the thing I'm looking for - BOOM!

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LittleRus said...

Oh wow... I love it so much! Thanks for the tip, darling! x

Unknown said...

HI there!
YOu are going to be definitely stunning!
I have been looking for one like this for a long time! Thanks so much for the link and for sharing the photos with us.
Love from a new follower here,

Lucy said...

Super classy bikini, lovely :)



ChuChus said...

i love it!!!! it´s great!


Superdog said...

Fantastic bikini! and Miami!! enjoy!

Geneva Vanderzeil said...

Love it honey - you'll look hoooottt! xxx

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