High Street: Karen Millen Tailored Cape

I have a funny story abou Karen Millen before I start this one - I used to work for a bigger company, and we took clients out to Twickenham to see the 6 Nations games.  I went along one year, and met a lovely lady in her fifties who I spent most of the match talking to.  She had a gorgeous Karen Millen red dress on, and I  commented that I couldn't believe it was a Karen Millen piece as their collections do often border on the chavvy side of things, and I rarely find anything I like.  Only later that day was I told that the lady was, in fact, Karen Millen.  Mortified. 

Anyway, I do think I have a point - whenever I go in there, most of Brentwood is in there too.  They have a similar trait to River Island in putting their logos all over their clothes - which puts me off their stuff hugely.  However, I was in their Selfridges concession the other week and tried on this lovely cape - big fan of capes after my parents bought me on for my birthday - perfect for early morning dog walking...  Good essential.

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