High Street: Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection

I'm way behind with the series, but have recently started watching Mad Men and straight away understood what the fuss was about.  Real women wearing real clothes - love the curves, love the colours and love the tailoring.  I've been trying to find some replica work outfits and haven't been getting anywhere - and then all of a sudden one of my favourite bloggers shows off an amazing trench (above and read her post here).  It's from Banana Republic's dedicated Mad Men collection - isn't it gorgeous!?

I've long been a fan of Banana Republic, but have until now always found them far more successful to shop in the US rather than over in London town.  But this collection is gorgeous - here are some of my favourite pieces:

The collection will hit stores in autumn, but you can reserve items now through their UK website here.  I'm trying to work out which pieces I can buy to go with my existing wardrobe - definitely will be needing some silk bows (I did a DIY job one a few months ago which has turned out really well)...  At the moment, it's the black skirt and the blue printed dress...  What are your favourites?

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Anonymous said...

The collection is fantastic! I'm really into the black skirt/purple blouse outfit.

I hope the whole Mad Men craze kick-starts everyone's desire to dress up a bit more!

Lily said...

Love the leopard trench and leopard sweater !!


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