Designer: Tory Burch Carson Bag

I need some help please!  Last week, despite my old feeble attempt to not buy anything until the holiday (stupid, stupid unattainable idea) I bought a pair of Tory Burch Reva pumps on the Outnet for £90.  Never bought anything from there before, but they arrived the following day beautifully packaged - uber convenient.  I'm now obsessed with the site!  So, I've found another handbag there AND I LOVE IT.  Do I buy it?

I do actually need a brown bag, I think having one is an essential.  However, my boyfriend will go absolutely mental if I do and unfortunately he is very aware of my purchases.  For example, I really thought he wouldn't notice the new Revas as I already have a couple of pairs but as soon as I walked through the door he said 'nice new shoes.'  So the chances of this bag going under the radar are nil...  It's £180 - reduced from £400 - have a look here.  Do I buy it?

South Molton St Style


Cylia said...

such a cool bag:)

Superdog said...

Amazing bag!
The Outnet is my downfall / weakness........

Charlotte B said...

Oooo its a tricky one... it is a classic style and an amazing bargain so I think its justifiable.... I love outnet, I have had some great bargains from there!! xx

Malu Swartjes said...

Gorgeous! Wish I had a beauty like that:D

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