Designer: Katharine Hamnett Parker

I went to see Rachael @ Surgery PR last week and was really sad to find out she is moving on.  Rachael has been so lovely to deal with, so she really will be missed by South Molton St Style!  She gave me a tour around the office showing me some great new brands - but the stand out piece for me was this parker by Katharine Hamnett.

Growing up North London, these coats were all the rage in the 90s - remember all the  people who dressed like All Saints?!  The silk material is absolutely gorgeous - I didn't just want to wear it, I wanted to sleep in it.  For those of you who don't know Katharine Hamnett, you should, so read her biography here - she been in fashion for yonks and her new collection for AW11 makes you want to take up yoga and relax in her logo tees and bottoms.  She's a 'good' fashionista too - does tonnes of stuff for charity.  Have a look at her website here.

South Molton St Style

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Stephanie Lee said...

Perfect for August in Britain! xoxo

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