Boutique: YMC (You Must Create)

The boy and I had a lovely day yesterday, roaming around Soho - starting off with breakfast at the Dean Street Townhouse (recommend the salmon and scrambled eggs) and then wondered upon a boutique on Poland Street called YMC.  We were first drawn in by the breton like tops for men and women, but once I was inside I fell in love with their unique classic-come-fifties-inspired designs. 

They decribe themselves as 'not influenced by current trends, instead creating intelligent clothing that is both wearable ad distinctive.' The staff in the store were really friendly too, and it felt great to find a local-ish store so close to the masses of Oxford Street.  Here are my favourite bits:

What you can't see from the photos is the sheer quality - the fabrics and stitching are absolutely stunning.  Love that I've found a new name to support - feels so much better to buy something from a boutique, than it does to buy from a mass-supplier store.  Visit YMC at 11 Poland Street, Soho or 23 Hanbury Street, E1 - or visit their website here.

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Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with Breton stripes! The Japanese dress you featured is lovely, I need to check this shop out for my next visit to the UK.

Charlotte B said...

Ooo thanks for this hun, I am off to Oxford street tomorrow so i'll keep a look out. Love the breton top and the blue dress xx Great styles x

Anonymous said...

Do you have the blue dress? I've been searching for it for years and cannot find it anywhere :(((

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