Mario Testino's Black and White Images

I'm looking at buying a camera at the moment, and have spent the time I should be spending doing the day job trying to work out which one to buy.  This lead on to what kind of photos I want to take, which led further to Mario Testino.  Obviously.  Procrastination really is the greatest hobby.  I stumbled across numerous photos he has taken over the years of everyone from royalty to A List celebrities.  Thought I'd share my favourites with you...

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Lopez

Kate Winslet

Demi Moore

Emma Watson

Natalia Vodianova

Kristen Stewart

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Would be quite happy to take Mario's camera from him, or find out which one he has - as this can be the only possible explanation as to how he makes ok-looking people look AMAZING.  No names mentioned.

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Lisa Rosalie said...

Amazing pictures! X

CMECb said...

It's not a camera that takes photos, it's a photographer who does! :)
(an old widely known truth)

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