High Street: River Island Coloured Tote

I try to hate River Island, I really do.  I'm from North London so to me, River Island is what the girls who beat me up on the bus wore - but - they also still live there, so I win.  Saying that, if I ever saw them I'd probably instantly get out a tenner in fear of them punching me in the face.  Much like me, River Island has gone through a two year revival.  It's got classy, moved towns/postcodes, got a job and got her hair done by someone qualified.

Don't me get wrong, there is still puh-lenty for the Katie Price wannabes (and you'll be delighted to know, such pieces are now available from age 4-5 for those younger aspiring topless models) but overall their stores really do have something to say for themselves these days.  These totes are a great example.  At £65, everyone is a winner.  I still struggle with the River Island gold plate on the side, but hey, that can be kept on your inside.

South Molton St Style

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