High Street: Olivia Palermo's Zara dress

I'm liking to think that Olivia Palermo reads South Molton St Style...  How else did she know about the flower-power dress I bought for the wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago.  If only I had her legs...  Read our full post here.  Love that is does everything the couture houses are doing, without the huge pricetag.

South Molton St Style


Unknown said...

Sold out! but is this due to you or her? :o)

SMS Style said...

Haha, me of course! It is a gorgeous, feel good dress and there were loads of them in the Bond St store today - go and get one! Xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi there!!
Google checking for that zara floral dress which sold out last year, had in mind to buy one, but could not find anywhere, checking that blogger picture saw your comment as you mention you have snatched one, thought to myself to ask if you intend to sell it, just let me know as i just love that dress so much:))xxx

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