Look for SS11: Jelly Shoes

Kate Bosworth

It's taken us a while to come around to this look - jelly shoes first remind of us of that time in 1980s when our parents thought it was a brilliant idea to put us in shoes that slip and sweat around.  Ours looked like something a grandmother would wear (if they had been in leather).  Vivienne Westwood launched her jelly shoe line two years ago, and as cute as they were, we just couldn't get our heads around it.

But then festival season started, and A listers like Kate Bosworth were spotted at Coachella wearing some versions from Toms.   It suddenly made sense - jelly shoes don't get dirty and they don't get wet.  You can wear them come rain or shine, and in festival terms - they won't make you hot and sweaty like those Hunter wellies will.  For anyone who is worried about whether the day will stay dry for the whole day - jellies are perfect.

Fearne Cotton

To carry it off, they either need to be expensive or neutral coloured (Fearne Cotton somehow makes yellow jellies work above).  We're not quite there with the bold colours, but we've pulled together our favourites from the high street, and the little bit more than high street - we have a feeling cheap jellies will last you as long as the festival...

Here are our favourites:

Givenchy - £170

And finally, our favourite jellied pumps from Tory Burch.  You already know how obsessed we are with Tory Burch Revas flats, and luckily enough they have created a jelly pair:

South Molton St Style


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Lily said...

So cute !! Love the givenchys and burberry !


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