Duchess of Cambridge in Diane von Furstenberg

The frenzy over Kate Middleton's wardrobe during her tour of the US and Canada is becoming a little ridiculous - however - unfortunately she keeps on wearing gorgeous dresses we can't get enough of.  Having landed in the Golden State, Kate threw a curve ball and wore an American designer's gown - the Maya dress by Diane von Furstenberg (left).

I'm loving the bright green at the moment, having bought a gorgeous halterneck dress from Zara for our Ibiza holiday.  The colour is fantastic for brunettes, and also really brings out a tan (Kate proves this, unless she had a spray tan in her flight down from Canada she suddenly looks a hell of a lot browner).  I found this dress (right) from Zara which looks quite similar - missing the sash, but has the same feel. It's also £15.99!

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