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Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley

I believe it was Elizabeth Hurley who once said, 'a woman can be transformed by a pair of white denims and few squats.'  Can't help but agree.  White denim is quickly taking over from their blue counterparts, and there really is a style to suit all.  The fantastic thing about white denim is that it never really goes out of fashion in Britain - when has a grey marl tee, white jeans and nude pumps ever been unacceptable? 

You can dress them exactly as you want, either casually as the girls above have with their cardigans, or wear them with some smart heels and fitted tops (not forgetting that mixing them with nautical colours, sunglasses and neat hair instantly gives you St Tropez chic).  See how Zoe Saldana below has mixed her jeans with her basics tees and jackets - but as she is so fresh faced, and her clothes are well pressed, she looks priceless.  In short, you should never over complicate a white jean outfit, the more simple = the more classy.  Wear with greys, blues, blacks, beiges and creams.

Zoe Saldana and Audrina Partridge

Kate Middleton

Different styles suit different shapes, notice that Jennifer Lopez is wearing a bootcut pair to balance out her bottom half, whereas boy-shaped Kate Middleton and Zoe wear skinny cut jeans to draw attention away from their lack of shape.  Hilary Duff has paired hers with heels as she has a shorter leg, which height helps to balance out.

Before you have a heart attack over the idea of shopping for jeans, check out this very  useful website: - it talks you through what size you are, and how to dress it well with denim. Here are our favourites styles:

Bootcut (good for Curvy women)

Jennifer Lopez

The most popular and flattering jeans style in the world, for a reason.  The bootcut jean is great for those with a heavy middle, as the slight flare on the end balances it out (see J Lo above).  We've found a few pairs, some more expensive than others that do the trick.

Flares (best for hourglass/pear shaped women)

Flares are great for those with a bigger top than bottom half, as the kick at the end levels the width of your ankles with your shoulders.  Pear shaped girls also look great when mixing white jeans with stripes as the lines enhance your slim top half.

J Brand's new skinny Martini flare is poised to become the must have jean of the season. Flared denim styles were ubiquitous at the latest Fashion Week catwalk shows, and this flattering style offers a tall, lean silhouette when teamed with platforms or heels.

Cropped (good for petite frames)

Kate Moss

7/8ths, cropped, capri or straight legged jeans are all excellent for petite frames.  There do seem to more of these on the market than any other style, so enjoy being teeny and buy a few different styles.  Kate Moss loves this style too, and seems to live in her cropped Seven jeans.

Skinny Leg (good for all shapes)

Believe it or not, skinny legged jeans can work on all figures and sizes.  The secret is the shoes.  You need to contrast your feet from your legs, ie, if you have a larger leg then go for a delicate heel, whereas if you are very slim, wear a wedge or even a flat shoe.  Skinnies, Tory Burch Revas and a Breton tee seems to be all the rage at the moment in the London hotspots at the moment...

So, hopefully the idea of wearing white jeans doesn't scare you as much as it did.  One thing that we've seen a few girls do, which is a textbook error, is squeeze into jeans that don't really fit them.  Girls, if you are really a size larger - even if you feel better in the smaller pair - you will get muffin top, you will get camel toe, etc.  Don't do it!

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I love my white skinny jeans !! I wear them a lot in the summer :)


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