High Street: H&M take on Erdem!

We're getting a bit bored of being obsessed with Kate Middleton's wardrobe, but the girl just keeps on wearing stuff we want - we can't help it.  One piece we're really keen on robbing a bank in order to buy, was this Erdem AW11 dress she donned during the Canada tour...

Now this dress isn't available to Mrs Normal-Average Public yet, but we're guessing when it is that it will be one of those heart breaking moments when we click onto netaporter.com and see for ourselves that we are about £1,000 away from being able to afford it (as IF Kate doesn't get freebies from designers, we do not buy her claim for an instant).  BUT, fear not - look what H and M have made...

It's not identical, but for £24.99 who bl**dy cares?  It looks amazing on (girl in the office was wearing it the other day and looked gorgeous), and as an added bonus you don't have to get onto a waiting list for 4 months to own it - you can go and get it now instore, or order it online here.  Don't say we don't spoil you :)

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Lily said...

She looks amazing as usual !!


Ronn said...

Still loving the h&m drss,

but by the by, the british royal family are absolutely not allowed to accept 'freebies' and gifts from designers etc as they aren't supposed to be seen as advertising certain brands! most freebies royals receive are swiftly passed on to their friends :( xx

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