High Street: Clarks 'Chloe like' Sandals

I'm not going to deny my complete shock when I found out where a passer by had bought her amazing sandals. 'Clarks,' she said.  I had to take five seconds to digest it - Clarks?  The store my grandmother buys her 'extra comfort' shoes from?  Yup.  And so I braved I journey I swore I would never make, and went.  And was incredibly surprised, they have some really nice things in there.  The nicest being the sandals I went in for...

I suppose, given how comfortable my school shoes from there were, it gave me instant faith in these ones doing the same.  And they are, I've worn them all weekend and haven't got a hit of discomfort.  Pair them up with more or less anything and you look like you know your style.  At £50, they're bordering on expensive compared to their high street counterparts - but jeez, they look like they are from Chloe, so who cares...

South Molton St Style


LA said...

Like them, there're similar ones in Zara too!


Lily said...

I cant believe those are Clarks !! So cute.


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