Designer: Acne Pistol Boots

If I was given £1000 to spend in one store, or one online boutique it would be Acne through Matches fashion.  Acne just makes very good essentials pieces that will last a lifetime. I have one jumper from there - a grey marl cable knit, which has last me since 2003.  It cost £300, and I think I was drunk when I bought it (I was a student, so the chances of being intoxicated at any given time sway from 80 to 100%, completely dependent on whether they had a deal on vodka at the supermarket). Even then I saw it as an investment, and I'm jolly glad I did... as the jumper remains looking fantastic and has outlived every other high street one I've had by a good few years.

Anyway, on Sunday I was reading the Sunday Times Style (mandatory weekend behaviour) and stumbled across these:

I knew I had to have them - I have been curious as to where these beauts came from ever since I saw them on Keira Knightley constantly over the winter.  But £360 so quite expensive, although if I had that kind of amount going spare I really wouldn't hesitate to purchase them.  So fortunately, the genius person who recommended them in the magazine also recommended a cheaper pair (thank you whoever you are, you saved my overdraft balance) from Topshop. They are available in store (both in the UK and the US) from Saturday, new stock arriving - I have already put a pair on hold!

Other news - I've got a puppy!  Well I say got, but my boyfriend's family dog Daisy, a Maltese terrier has had a puppy (very sad, she had four but only one lived) and so (landlord dependent) we are having him.  We've named him Lopez after a Spanish commander who was the only survivor in a battle in their civil war... Seemed apt, it's also the  surname of the boy's best friend who has gone home to Columbia.  So the dog really will be the 'man's best friend.'  He is up in Harrogate at the moment, hopefully meeting him this weekend... Excitement doesn't even come close to how I am feeling...  This is how he will look in about 6 weeks - this is the last litter we had in January.

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vivalablonda said...

The blackones are perfection!


Lily said...

Love the boots and the puppy is so adorable ?


Anonymous said...

oh thank you thank you so much for posting this !!

I have been looking for a cheaper version of a pair of ACNE BOOTS !!


well thank god for online shopping right ?!!? haha

and again thanks for posting this

LOving your blog :)

the nyanzi report said...

Acne is one of the few fashion labels that is designed by a team of individuals who actually have a love and clear understanding of style.

Molliee said...

those are really great basic boots!

Unknown said...

oh these boots are amazing! thanks for your sweet comment!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Charlotte B said...

The puppy is soooo cute! You are lucky xx Gorgeous boots too, thank goodness for Topshop!! xx

Mónica C. Welton said...

those boots are great i want them!


Ms.Fashionista said...

Love the first pair!


Duck said...

Warning: my friend bought some Acne pistol boots recently (online) and unfortunately in the flesh so to speak they look like bad lesbian builder worker boots. Not flattering at all :(


Caroline said...

I am from Sweden (just as Acne ;))and they are BIG here. But I agree with you, they are a bit too expensive. I bought some copies forthe same price as the Topshop ones, works with everything.

noura. said...

those boots omggg

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