High Street: Zara Fruity Silk Tee

I have well and truly let myself down.  I promised myself I wouldn't fall victim to the fruit-fetish that took over our summer - as it is definitely a look our children will laugh at (and then wear themselves ten years later).  Before 2011, the only woman who kept this look up was Pat Butcher in Eastenders (google her if you are not from the UK).  Now. it's an essential.  I went to Zara on Saturday and spent £30 on the above silk tee - and I'm a little bit in love with it...

 Stella McCartney

Inspired by the below - and I was even good enough not to buy the Primark Lemon Print dress that every girl and their dog (for one girl, I mean that literally) is wearing at the moment in London.


Stella McCartney

I absolutely love it, I feel instantly summery and also find it really breaks up an outfit from a standard T shirt and jeans scenario.  Advise you purchase...

South Molton St Style


Charlotte B said...

I love the fruit prints that are everywhere this summer! I guess we have Prada to blame for this trend!! I bought a lovely long gold necklace with little bits of fruit hanging off it from Primark and a short sleeve fruit print top from Mango. Love the Zara version! xx

Anonymous said...

This evening I was in the Meatpacking District of NY and looked at the Stella windows... I thought at first urgh about all the fruit patterns but after pondering this on my way home they grew on me! Love the suggestion here, although that Stella dress is superb.

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