High Street: Celine/American Apparel Clutch

If there was one thing that clearly jumped out from the fashionista's outfits during the shows, it was the Celine clutch.  As a bright statement piece, it does everything you need to liven up a neutral outfit (as above).  Also as shown, it really can be worked with so many different looks.  However, do you really want to spend £700 on a large leather pencil case?  Thought not.  So we've found an alternative from the clever people at American Apparel.

They come in a million colours, so you can go as bright or plain as you like - we're lusting over the bright red and taupe below. At £46, they are £654 cheaper than the Celine - which leaves you enough for a more logical splurge - like the Mulberry Polly?!

South Molton St Style

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Lily said...

The Celine clutch is amazing but I will have to settle with AA for now !


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