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Erm, hello bag crush - how I have missed you, and are we really all that surprised that Kate Middleton has one (through one of her freebies special relationships with designers...

Just when my heart had recovered from the lack of Alexa in it's life Mulberry creates the Polly - and I HAVE ONE!  My lovely friend bought me one, and it was a lovely surprise a few months ago when I was feeling majorly rubbish after an operation.  I love my Polly in equal measure to my dog, my shoe collections and possibly my parents.

Now, these bags are pricey - sickeningly so.  But for every moment you can't afford a coffee - you will find two more where you absolutely love your handbag.  You could wait for the high street alternatives, I'm sure Topshop and the usual suspects will create fantastic replicas - but you'll also know you have a replica.  Buy the real one.  Beg, borrow or steal (preferably not the latter but you get the idea).

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Charlotte B said...

Love it!! I am saving up for a Mulberry at the moment, one day I will have my own!! xx

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