Boutique: Pippa Middleton's Modalu Handbag

As if the Kate Middleton style phenomenon wasn't enough, we Britons now have her little sister rising quickly in the fashion stakes as an 'almost royal' icon.  Pippa Middleton, or P-Middy if you read the tabloids, wowed the wedding crowds with her own Alexander McQueen dress (and lets be honest, her incredibly toned body) and also got the masses talking (and clicking to purchase) her wonderful handbag from little known brand Modalu.

At £149, the bag has sold out in 'shark' (the colour she has) but they are currently putting together another load of stock and it remains available in the other colours (tan and black).  Click here to visit their site.

South Molton St Style


Despina T. said...

lovely bag!tha colour is amazing,the size too.oh i sooo want it :)

Lily said...

How cute !! She is beautiful.


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