Designer: Stella McCartney

Stella Nina McCartney was born to Paul and his wife Linda in 1971 in East Sussex.  She led a surprisingly normal life; attended state school, trawled through college, found fashion to be her vocation... so went to fashion school in London and got friends Kate, Naomi and Yasmin to model her first collection, and her dad to write a song for the evening...  Helps that your dad is a Beatle, and your 'friends' are international supermodels!  Her collections were instantly sold to premium stores - from Browns and Bergdorfs.

Launching her first collection in 1995, Stella was snapped up by Chloe, becoming Creative Director by 1997 - but left (replaced by her assistant Phoebe Philo) for a joint venture with the Gucci group in 2001.  Stella's looks are often compared to Calvin Klein for their simple yet effective lines and statement tailoring.  Equally, she was the first to bring out the vibrant fruit prints in her early collections that are now featured heavily in 2011 collections.

Her 'Look'

Stella's collections self admittedly reflect who she is as a person - 'soft in the centre with a tough exterior.'  She mixes romantic textures like lace and brocaderie with hard stitched jackets and pale colour palletts.  She rarely goes crazy for colour - unless she is completely going the other way and has created a vibrant pattern or print... Really likes her florals too - and you can definitely see her influence on Chloe - look how similar her SS11 collection was to Chloes here:

Structure and tailoring is a focal part of her collections - and high street brands such as Zara and H&M work hard to replicate her look. She also has a 'new basics' range below, which mirrors all South Molton St Style is about - adding a staple designer piece to classic outfits, 'something you can wear with everything.'

Get the Look

It's very easy to mimic Stella's look on the high street - simply wear pale colours and wear something sharply tailored with some structure.  A good example is a floaty, flowery dress with a tailored tuxedo jacket in white, baby pinks and blues. H&M have some great stuff - floaty and wonderful but with the broderie and lace detailing.  Mix with a sharp trouser/jacket and you'd have your look:

Zara have some excellent bits too

This piece is great to mix up with some tailored trousers...

Get the bronze injection featured in Stella's collections here:

River Island
RI are great for structured pieces, from experience their dresses fit very well

Happy Shopping!

South Molton St Style


Despina T. said...

I love her.not only she creates beautifull clothing collections she's one of the few designers that have ecological consience :) i am following you.follow back if u like!

Anonymous said...

I love that River Island dress! Stella was recently in NYC at Saks with her latest collection, I adore her designs, I feel they are so accessible in terms of their feel and look, the H&M picture is a very good cheaper alternative here.


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