Key Trend Piece: Zara - The New Breton

After a little tweeting session with the Sunday Times Style I realised something - what do I wear if my Breton is no longer en vogue?  I have lived in my American Apparel one for 2 years, and it's starting to go a bit crispy (for want of a less disgusting word).  The ST Style raised a valid point - what do we do now that bold prints are in the skinny Breton type ones are out? 

Well hello there Zara, you've found me again!  This sweater is lovely - fresh summer colours, bold stripes and comfortable tailoring.  I love it, it has to be mine.  Can see this wrapped around my shoulders in Spain (which is now only 2 weeks away - hooray!), so will probably buy it when I really shouldn't!

South Molton St Style

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