Key Trend Piece: Primark Lemon Print Dress

Just when I had gotten over the shock of being able to get a Prada style dress for £11 in Primark, I have found another steal.  I was actually in Primark desperately trying to get my hands on the seaside dress for my fellow blogging friend Style on the Couch without success when I saw this little number.

Looks incredibly like this Moschino and the Stella ones one no?  Well it's £540 cheaper.  So buy it. It's £11.  Yes, really.  And to be honest even up close it doesn't look all that different quality-wise to the designer one (worrying).  If you wanted to go uber fruit crazy then check out my earlier post on Prada Bananarama for some apple, orange and cherry jewellery.  Does this remind anyone else of Stella McCartney's collections for Chloe too by the way?  I'm sure she did a pineapple tee and I can't find it anywhere...


Who are the designers at Primark?  Can you imagine what they could do with a bigger budget.  Amazing.  Ah I need it.  My new resolution to stop going into Primark (tying into the other resolution of buy less, buy better) has failed, but because the store is getting better - so surely purchases are validated now?

South Molton St Style


Beth said...

love a bit of fruit!

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

What a great and affordable find! That print sure is perfect for spring...and the shot of yellow is high on my hitlist this season! Thanks for sharing, great finds!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Anonymous said...

You were such a sweetie to try to get the first Primark dress for me. I LOVE this one too. You have such a good eye for bargains...!

Christine (Fash n Chips) said...

OMG this Primark dress is perfect! I might even like it more than the Stella's and the Moschino one! I WANT :D
Thanks for another great tip! x

Christine @ Fash n Chips

Eilidh xxx said...

i got it in primark at only £9!

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