High Street: French Connection Pleated Maxi

Girls, it's clear after this weekend that we need to get out the old exfoliator and probably slap on some fake tan.  For anyone in London this weekend, its now summer.  This can only mean one thing - flesh.  Eek, it's been a while.  Just like quite a few of my friends, the diet has started, the gym membership has been renewed and the countdown to having to bare (nearly) all on a beach begins...

However, we have been given a lovely half way house this year in the form of the maxi dress.  It started last year, but they were t shirt material and stuck to our bottoms.  This year they are flattering and flowy.  This lovely dress, which my friend has picked as bridesmaids dresses (having them dyed sky blue) for her wedding in May, is absolutely gorgeous.

For £150, its not that bad.  The quality is outstanding, and I tried it on with a gold belt and Grecianed up my hair.  It's great as it totally compliments your torso as the pleats lengthen you.  It also covers up your thighs but the fragility of the top half doesn't make it look too much.

South Molton St Style


Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful dress!


Unknown said...

Hoorah for the Maxi dress, covering a multitude of sins (not to mention leg bruises if you're as clumsy as me!)


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