High Street: Burberry/Zara Frill Skirt

I have loved this Burberry skirt ever since I spied a friend wearing it - but depressingly I could never afford it - so did the typically jealous thing that all girls do - and not even comment on it because I was so envious.  Sorry!  And she obviously knew that was what I was doing because it's absolutely not like me to comment on things - especially when I was doing nothing but stare at it all night.

Anyway, to my absolutely delight, Zara have brought out a summer version - it's £39, and it's cute.  Done!  See below, click the link, purchase, smile!

South Molton St Style



Allie said...

Omg I'm in love. I'm definitely going to have to get myself one! It's so cute and girly and perfect for spring.

Lily said...

Beautiful ! Love the color.


Mia said...

I love that Burberry skirt too, they have great pieces-to die for.

Of course you can repost and reference on your blog, it's nice of you to ask and i'm glad you like the post.:)


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