Key Trend Piece: American Apparel Lace Tee

So there I was happily working away at my desk, when Selfridges emails me.  Cue an hour of procrastination, or as I like to call it - valuable information gathering.  I have realised that I need a new top, as it;s been about a week since I bought one.  And after having see this beautiful lace one from IRO @ Selfridges I've decided I need one of those...

I've been in love with lace tees since I posted about the French Connection Georgie Tee a month ago, which is also pretty dear.  Pay day was 11 days ago so naturally I am skint.  So I've had a hunt around and found some high street alternatives.  These tees look great with your cargo shorts, but also with a smart pair of trousers and heels - perfect all week wear. 

The best alternatives I found were at American Apparel - they have a fab range, and here they are:

but my personal favourite is this one - not sure as it isn't massively different to the others...

These tees are fabulous for English summer/spring as they cover enough of you to cope with the sudden chills - but cool enough to cope with the heat waves, or your daily commute.  Remember never wear lace too tight otherwise you'll look cheaper than a desperate hooker.  Lace is beautiful and should be treated with respect, not stretched across your body like lycra.  Too many girls don't get that.

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Allie said...

I totally love what you said about respecting lace. I'm actually not a big fan of it, but I think that's because so many girls wear it to pick up guys. These t shirts are so cute, and totally go against everything I know about lace! Btw, when I was in London last year I was totally blown away to see an American Apparel, haha me and my ignorance thought it was only in America.


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