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One look that is progressively taking centre stage in SS11 high summer is tribalwear.  Walking around London today, there are just so many beads and tribal patterns and earthy colours - its great to see!  According to WGSN, this trend as spanned from our 'overpowering global awareness' and dressing in tribal themed clothes is a respectful way for us to demonstrate a common ground with the people - as at the moment we are all about charity... Slightly deep, but I kinda get what they mean...

My favourite thing about this look is the beads - and it's so expensive!  In fact, I am staying in tonight to make myself some - with some beads and string I bought from a market at the weekend.  If you really need to purchase some, then try Primark - I have some great jewellry from there and whats great about it is that if it breaks, you've only lost £2.

SS11 shows had some great designers like Etro, Blue Marine, Holly Fulton and Prada all rocking out tribal themed colllections...

Holly Fulton



I was supposed to buy a microwave on my last shopping trip, but made a slight detour in the department store to womenswear.  I love department store shopping, especially ones like Selfridges and John Lewis as they have carefully selected high street, and ever so slightly beter than high street brands right next to each other.  You can pay in one place - try them on together, bliss. 

Another great part of department store shopping is that you see brands that you would never consider buying.  Warehouse (for me) is one of these, and I'm so glad I did stumble across them as there tribal collection is amazing!  I'd been searching for Holly Fulton-esque stuff for so long.... The top above looks stunning on, and I bought the dress below for my up coming holiday to Spain...

and this one if lovely too - far less brash in real life...

for those of you who are a little bit timid about wearing huge patterns, this one is lovely too...

Their stuff is really good value too, though ever so often they have much higher priced things like their Warehouse Luxe collection - a selection of clothes which could be called essentials, neutral jackets, dresses and tops.  Recommend a trip there...

PS - I did also buy a microwave, and a toaster, and a tablecloth = getting old! 

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