High Street: Reiss 1971 Range

If I could be a mannequin for any high street store, I'd be a mannequin for Reiss.  More specifically, Reiss 1971.  I am lucky enough to have a few pieces, probably as the whole point of this range is that it remains timeless.  Their jeans are AMAZING and fit incredibly well (I have a very normal size 10 figure, with a bum).

The 1971 woman is busy and doesn't have time to shop much, she buys a few key pieces and then keeps them for years (thats pretty much me).  The range is accessible and comfortable - creating effortless style.  In their shirts, they have extra tailorings that although isn't obvious it makes them fit a billion times better.  Their stuff is easy to slip on, and can wear it to work and you can you wear it to play.  Prices range from £49 to £249 (most stuff is under £150).

You can easily create the look in cheaper high street stores, but I promise you they won't last as well.  Buy a couple of key pieces from the looks above and then add trend pieces around it.  I am still wearing my boots from SS09 :) - and they look brand new.  However, to totally contradict myself, my friend at A Pair and A Spare totally proved me wrong when she has a gorgeous pair of lace shorts just like the ones below made my a tailor in Hong Kong - see it here!

Check out the Reiss 1971 page here.

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Lily said...

What cute clothes ! Love the last look.


Anonymous said...

You and I could be best friends :-) I simply adore Reiss but more their mainline collection than the 1971 range. 1971 this season has a lot of great denim styles... I have a couple of dresses/tops from Reiss 1971 I wear all the time however. I love that Reiss expanded with this a few years back.

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