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My little sister has just started working for Aquascutum, and through that I have discovered a new found love for sister company Jaeger - or more importantly, their Jaeger boutique range.  As explained in their press information, the collection is inspired by, 'having the ultimate wardrobe of summer staples with a playful twist – the Warhol Factory girls, from Ultra Violet to Baby Jane – punctuated by polka-dot flowers, ric rac, prints and classic Breton stripes.'

What I really like about this stuff is about you really don't need all of it.  If you look through their store, you can buy one or two capsule pieces and add your existing capsule pieces around it.  There is so much to love about this range, but I've picked out a few pieces that stand out:

There is something almost Talented Mr Ripley about this outfit.  I love the nautical touch on the shorts with the drawstring tie - definitely something you could DIY on an existing pair too!  Essentially you need a blue t shirt, a pair of white Supergas or pumps and some red shorts with a drawstring...

Very simple piece, great for work or great for the weekend.  For similar styles you can also check out my Safari Dresses post.  

I already featured this piece in my Chanel Twill essentials post a couple of months back.  This dress is so perfect, and what you can't see here is that the fit is amazing.  You could go a little 'Blair Waldorf' and match the jacket below but one with it too...

Polka dots and a trench - could this be any more of what SMS Style is all about?!  Minus the socks.

Turn up jeans, simple tee and a twill jacket.  Love it.  Running out of comments for this.  Loving that they are keeping jeans skinny and low on the waist too.  Not a fan of this flare and chest-height stuff...

I absolutely love these shorts - scalloped hem and nautical all in one!  I think you could really dress them up too - pair them with a silk shirt and some wedges and you'd have a great summer evening outfit. 

Also, I was having a little bit of Twitter banter with the guys at The Sunday Times Style last week as they put Breton tops as an 'over it' on their magazine - and then the girls in the office there were all wearing them the following day!  Great to see Breton tops are still around in this collection too...

Check out the website here.  Ooh, and follow me on Twitter here.

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