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LA Vita Bella - Milan SS11

Heres a style I've been trying to ignore for sometime: Looking like a Cowgirl.  2011's version seemed even worse: looking like a junked up rodeos (above). Line dancing, tassles, big belt buckles... All the things I quite frankly avoid.  But, love it or hate it the cowboy look is back.  On the positive, it does give us something to do with all of our lace pieces from spring, as Ralph Lauren shows us below (and we now have an excuse to watch Brokeback Mountain on repeat for days, love a bit of Jake on a horse):

Ralph put his 'casual cowgirl' look in with the metallics, lace and crisp whites - making the crossover from AW10 and SS11 less daunting.  Double your belts up, wear your bag across your body - and probably best to buy a hat - and wham, you have the look.  Denim shirts will be all over the place.  Not sure about this one, for me denim is for your bottom half - but D&G made it look quite special in their SS11 collection.

One thing I will like about this look, is that proper workwear faded jeans will most probably come back, like Wrangler.  Check out these pieces from their SS11 collections that really hit the spot.

Get the look

I'm going to do a posting on Cuban heels, which will fit quite nicely in with this look - but for now, take a look at this lovely pair from Carvela - certainly in the theme but not too much as they don't have the (ridiculous?) patterns all over them:

You'll also need a shirt.  This one from Beyond the Valley is great for those people who can't quite face going all out cowgirl, but want to replicate the look a little bit.  The denim version from Warehouse is really cool too.

Fringing forms a key part of the cowgirl look - but is easiest way to make your outfit look cheap - so stick to having it in accessory pieces.  This bag is great, and nicely cheap from Oasis at £35.

French Connection , Jigsaw and All Saints have some great pieces coming into their collections this summer that even I can envisage wearing.  And, as a massive bonus, when you have the work Christmas party at the end of the year - you won't be short of fancy dress.

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