Essential: Nude Shoes

Unless you have been asleep for the last 5 years, you'll probably have noticed that one thing on the catwalk has remained constant - nude coloured shoes.  Louboutin, Balmain, Stella, Olympia - they have all produced their versions, and everyone in fashion retail from Jimmy Choo to Primark have their own take on them.  What is crucial is that you buy a pair that are comfortable - as these should be your default shoes - the ones you go to when all others seem unwearable.

Theese shoes go with everything - from brights to darks (as below) - so don't be shy in spending a decent amount on them. I've picked out a few of the ridiculously priced, and a few ones even we commoners can consider - more to show you that money doesn't necessarily mean you get something better.

Russell and Bromley

My pair of 'go to' shoes are the Russell and Bromley pumps that they've been making forever - always a good sign when you are after a staple piece of clothing/footwear like this.  They are actually very comfortable - after some teething sessions, and they are now the only shoe I can wear all day without getting real pain in my foot... At £165 they aren't cheap - but I bought them in the wonderful Bicester Village outlet in Oxfordshire.  I think they were around £90.

Next I'm going to go through the designer ones just to get it over and done with - rip of the band aid so to speak...

Now, to get this look on the high street you can go one of two ways - cheap and last you a week, or not so cheap and last you forever.  Truly believe thats the rule with shoes.  Always think, you're feet have to carry you everywhere in life and so they deserve a little respect.  I've picked a mix of cheap and not so cheaps for you - from Topshop, Kurt Geiger/KG and Aldo.  All of whom are becoming well known for good footwear, Aldo especially..

Now you should definitely check out the KG range from Kurt Geiger - a price point lower than their usual stuff, and focusses on all the classics.  Although cheaper, they don't compromise on the quality - and they are super, super comfortable...

Can't really talk about staple shoes without mentioning Aldo, these guys just get better and better...

Or just stick your head into a Russell and Bromley close to you, as you can't really go wrong.  Their shoes are both Kate Middleton than Kate Moss (ie; regal, not sexy) - but they still look great with most outfits, from jeans to dresses.

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Unknown said...

LK Bennett have a good few (with matching bags) for under £200 as well.


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