Designer: Jade Sarita Arnott

Australia has a unique fashion style that sets itself apart from her European and American friends. With a more casual approach and inspiration taken from nature, cultural influences and textiles, it’s no wonder why Australian creations are slowly becoming a huge worldwide phenomenon.

Most of my Australian friends have the same idea with fashion - thats its a means to express yourself and have some fun (my theory is: days in sunlight + eating from barbeques = great fashion sense). Choosing comfort and practical clothes that suit their lifestyle (sun, sun, beach, sun) has also resulted in a flourish of great designers joining the fashion scene. Arnsdorf’s Jade Sarita Arnott is definitely one to watch on the fashion front.

A Melbourne-based designer’s grown-up and sophisticated style caught the attention of both fashion editors and stylists a few years ago. This year she has mixed up neutral tones with brights, keeping the tailoring and dressing minimal. Simple feminine tailoring speaks volumes about the wearer, as in my view it shoes confidence. I love the blue colour she uses (above) - it gives an almost electric element to a piece of clothing when mixed up with that beige!

Her collections from previous seasons have been very closely compared to Christopher Kane, and also the Whistles chain. Classic but slightly edgy. Absolutely love it.

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