High Street: Zara Flower Print Tee (Jil Sander lookalike)

Quick post - I love this tee!  Just discovered it on my lunch break and will be grumbling about until I buy it...  Here is the Jil Sander version, at £240 quid.  Ouch.

Here are Zara's versions, at £25.  Woop.  It even looks like it would fit better -

Lovely! Also, if you are on bloglovin, please follow me on the link: Bloglovin Just about getting the hang of this blogging malarky!

South Molton St Style


Anonymous said...

Lovely tees! Always great to find a cheaper alternative to the names you love. I prefer the length of the sleeves on the Zara tees also.

Unknown said...

Very spring-y! Any idea about the type of cotton used (fairtrade etc?)

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