High Street: Zara Coloured Mini

I know I've harped on about the bold colour trend - but having walked around London all weekend, you really cannot escape from the Prada and Jil Sander led phenomenon.  I've given you some ground rules so that you don't go too crazy buying pieces (even though it is incredibly tempting) - and have also stumbled across a little gem.

Zara - Coloured Mini

Zara has brought out a great little mini in various brights, for a brilliant £22.99 ($38 USD I believe).  This is fantastic as you can wear it to work, wear it to play - but only if you haven't already bought yourself a bottom half bright... behave!

It fits very nicely, and flatters quite well as it flares outwards and doesn't stretch across your skin.  I treated myself to the blue one, and it looks brilliant with my magenta tee and essential cream jacket from Topshop last year.  Thought I'd share the treat.

South Molton St Style


Lily said...

I saw these yesterday..really cute! Zara has some great things right now.


fashiononthecouch said...

These are really nice. I bought a 70s style mini from TopShop recently, in camel colour, but having got used to the length I'd be tempted to go for a brighter colour now...

Geneva Vanderzeil said...

went into zara and my eyes almost bled from all the colour! hahaha but I could easily have thrown a whole lot of cash at them. Made that pink mini instead. was very happy! xx

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