High Street: River Island Green 70s Dress

I did something very unusual today - I cooed over something at River Island.  For those of you like me, you'll probably agree that the snob in you tells you that you shouldn't like River Island - as my friend described it, 'it's like a Jane Norman for the employed but style-deprived.'  However, they do ever so often manage to strike gold.  For anyone looking to make one staple purchase with this 70s trend, look no further:

Frustratingly, the true beauty of this dress fails to shine through on the image - but it's an absolutely stunning colour and has gorgeous pleating at the bottom half.  I really want it, and a kimono that I saw in there too.  I am now definitely eating my hat about the store - they also have some great patterned trousers.  This dress however is the definite winner - at £44.99 it looks so much more expensive - it has something a bit Marc Jacobs about it.  As I have no money left from NYC, I'll leave it to you to make the purchase - it's gorgeous!

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Unknown said...

Love the colour but please no to 70's I just can't pull it off!

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