High Street: Primark Seaside Print Dress

Remember when Carey Mulligan wowed the crowds in her dainty littl Prada number?  What was special about it?  It was sharply tailored, it was a shift dress (all others at the time had arms), it was painted and it was a beach scene.  Now, take a look at the below dress and explain to me why you wouldn't spend £11 on it? 

Oh, and the Prada one was £8,000.

South Molton St Style


Geneva Vanderzeil said...

Really like this dress honey! great find. xx

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously telling me that bottom dress is Primark? Woah. FABULOUS find! Can you please post one to NY for me??


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Carey Mulligan, she has such a classic and graceful style. I'm so glad you featured her! I love the dress that you found too...that rush of finding a good bargain that's almost too good to be true is addicting, isn't it?? Really glad I discovered your blog!

Gregory said...

ooh I really like this dress!


Unknown said...

Yes it is a lovely dress but at £8 what sort of payment do you think went to the people that made the dress?

Any chance of a fair trade alternative?


SMS Style said...

Not for £11 sadly - but I think Primark are getting better. There was a documentary on it on my flight back from the US about how they pay a better wage for people and also invest in the development of the villages of their factories. You never know with these things, but it does sound better than it was (which is something) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

hello! Thanks for your post on my blog :) I do love this dress and was sad to sell it on my jumble sale (but I did happen to buy the skirt too haha!) Just wanted to let you know Tigerlilly's Wardrobe is a sister site of my real blog http://www.tigerlillyquinn.blogspot.com if you wanted to check it out too. Lovely blog btw am now following xx

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